Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Does A Die-Hard Fashionista Cope With a Forced Break From Shopping?...Surprisingly Well

As you know I am a shopaholic.  I have never met a sale, or store for that matter that I haven't shopped.  At least once.  When unforseen circumstances forced me to take a 6 week virtually unpaid leave from work, it also forced me to take a break from shopping.  Drop the habit cold turkey.  I know for most people this is no big deal.  Stop shopping?  Big deal!  But shopping can be a habit and habits as we all know are hard to break.  Shopping literally has been a part of my daily life.  I work in an office at a mall, so my lunch break is usually spent in the stores.  If I'm not actually buying I'm planning what I will be buying when I get paid.  Online shopping is another way I routinely feed my habit. Its just so easy, everything just a click away.  So this wasn't something that was going to be easy.  At first the situation that forced me to take time off consumed my time and thoughts.  Shopping was not a bit on my mind.  As things calmed down, and the catalogs and magazines arrived in the mail, and daily emails about new arrivals and sales piled in everyday, the urge started creeping up on me.  "Maybe I could order just one thing, its on sale after all" I would justify to myself.  Looking at the meager balance in my account quickly woke me up.  So what did I do?  Nothing really.  I just reminded myself that I don't really need anything.  Yeah that worked.  Needing things has never been my main reason to shop.  I shop because I'm happy, or sad or angry or bored or well you get it.  So I started doing other things.  I had started yoga a few weeks before this all happened.  Just a class here and there or a youtube video.  Nothing serious.  I'm not an exercise type of girl.  That saying "shopping is my cardio" describes me to a tee.  But  I thought "why not?"  So I started.  First 30 minutes than an hour now I do an 90 minutes to 2 hours everyday.  I have to say I love it.  Its my time to not think.  Just focus on the poses and well, breathe.  I added some ballet exercises recently and I love those too.  I was happily surprised to find that this works!  I feel better, I'm calmer and I even look and walk better.  I'm definitely planning on working yoga into my schedule when I go back to work.  I also discovered grocery shopping.  Now, I say "discovered" because I HATE grocery shopping.  Its always been boring to me.  Just a necessary chore to get out of the way.  But here is shopping that I can justify.  I mean we have to eat right?  So now I look at it a whole new way.  Buying healthier food takes thought and planning.  Still not as fun as what I call "real shopping," but hey beggers can't be choosers. I also decided to go through some of my clothes.  If I can't buy new things I need to see what I'm working with.  Apparently a lot.  I found things I had forgotten I'd bought and am able to put together outfits that look new.  Only I know that I bought them 6 months or a year ago. I also joined IFB.  On a whim I clicked on the link and applied and was accepted.  I love it.  I have a tumblr which is mostly just pictures.  But joining IFB and meeting so many amazing people with amazing blogs inspired me to start this blog.  If I can't actually be shopping I can at least read and write about it.  So does this mean I have broken my habit?  Ummm no.  I know I'll be hitting the malls as soon as that first check comes in.  I have learned however, that when necessary I can drop the habit for awhile.  I also learned that every time I feel stressed or angry it isn't a signal to whip out the credit card.  From now on I'll just take a few deep breaths and try some yoga instead.


  1. Props to you for getting into yoga! It's always something I've wanted to try but I don't have the motivation.

    As for the shopping, I started blogging to force myself to shop smarter and be more picky about what a buy instead of getting sucked in sales getting a bunch of stuff I don't need. Good luck with your blog!

  2. Thank you!! I never had motivation either until I was forced to take this leave. I know what you mean about sales, I get sucked in every time! Hopefully I'll get better now. Thank you for checking my blog. I love yours, I really liked your post about Ebay being an Ebay addict myself, you gave some great tips! :)