Saturday, August 17, 2013

Style Icon of the Week

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying the day.  Every Saturday I'll be posting a style icon of the week.  My first style icon is Audrey Hepburn..

Audrey was known for her elegance on and off screen.  Her character's fashion was often based on her own personal style.  Audrey exuded class and elegance, and influenced a generation.  Her style lives on today, with the little black dress, over-sized sunglasses, capris, ballet flats and simple dresses.  Audrey had her own sense of style and made simple casual look effortless, chic and elegant. 

Funny Face 1957

Audrey wearing her signature capris and ballet flats
Street style look today
Audrey 1950s

Audrey put together outfits that were simple and timeless.  She is a fashion icon whose influence will continue.

Disclaimer:  All photos are from google.

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