Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Tuesday and A New Beginning...

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Beginning of the work week after a long holiday weekend.  If you're like me you're probably feeling like its Monday and trying to get back into your routine.  My Tuesday actually was a productive and positive day that is bringing a definite change to my routine.  I got a job today!!

I quit my previous job in April because I had a family emergency, and the job was miserable.  I felt I was better off  living off of my financial aid then staying at a job I despised and that wasn't paying me anything.  Sometimes literally.  In August I found out that my school had basically wasted my financial aid leaving me without a way to finish.  So I withdrew and started the transfer process to a local school which I'll start in January.  In the meantime, I needed a job.  I really hate job hunting.  That was part of what kept me at my old job.  I did get a couple of interviews last year but to be honest, I wasn't that serious.  I knew this time I had to be much more persistent. So about three weeks ago I started seriously sending out resumes.

I saw this one and applied.  I was shocked to get the interview right away and then be offered the job.  I feel lucky and blessed.  Finding a job in California is never easy.  I'm working customer service for a wireless company so this should be interesting.  But I am grateful and thank God that he has provided me with this opportunity.
So, now I not only get to finish school, soon I'll be able to shop again.  Did I mention that the office is right next to a shopping center and a mall?

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