Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5 Ways To Get A Shopping Fix When You're Flat Broke

Hello Lovelies, Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I got my financial aid check yesterday so I'm thinking about doing a little online shopping later.  Nothing big, just a little pick me up for enduring my forced shopping break.  Which got me to thinking about how to deal with a shopping habit when you're flat broke.  As you know I've been dealing with finance troubles for the past year.  I've had to get creative when it comes to shopping and getting my fix.  Here are some things that help get me through the dry spells.

1.  GO TO DOLLAR TREE (or any dollar store)

Going to Dollar Tree is great.  Everything literally is one dollar.  When I'm short on funds and have the shopping itch this is a good place to get a fix.  They have just about everything so whatever mood you're in you most likely will find it.  I've been doing messy buns a lot this summer, so I constantly lose bobby pins.  No worries, dollar tree has packs of them all sizes, one dollar.  I now have bobby pins coming out of my ears.
Another great find is scented candles. They have a scent for every taste, vanilla, cinnamon, apple are just a few.  They smell good and for a buck you can't go wrong.

I've found makeup, lotion and other beauty essentials at Dollar Tree.  Yes, they sell cheap off brands, but I've been lucky and found name brands such as L'oreal, Maybelline. Cover Girl, Almay and more.  I buy lotion for my purse all the time.  They have the name brands of these as well.  I love the Udderly Smooth brand.  I've found Nivea body lotion, as well.  You could buy a whole set of dishes for under ten bucks if you're so inclined, and back to school is a breeze.  On my last Dollar Tree quick fix, I walked out with socks, face cloths to do a facial with, bobby pins, moisturizing under eye pads (they work too!), a compact mirror, a brush for my purse and lotion.  A bag full of goodies for under ten dollars.

We all have them laying around.  Gift cards we got for Christmas, or birthdays that aren't completely used but don't have enough to really buy anything big.  Before you throw them away check the balance then head to Ebay.
Last Christmas I received a bunch of gift cards, and me being me used them almost immediately.  Soon after I found some from my birthday that I'd forgotten about.  Out of curiosity I checked the balance on all of them.  They each had between three and seven dollars on them.  I went to Ebay and did a small spree.  I was able to get Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac hand sanitizers, BBW body lotion and body wash. All on gift cards that are usually thrown away.  I was also able to do a Dollar Tree splurge with one.   Great way to get a little shopping fix literally for free.

I do this one all the time.  When I'm broke and can't shop, I go to my favorite online stores and choose things for later.  I put things I want in my cart and when I have money I go back and go through and buy what I really want.
I love doing this because I love looking at clothes anyway, and for me its fun to pick things out and go back to see if its still there. It also gives me time to decide if I really want the item or not. I get kind of a rush when I finally can buy these things I've put on hold.

Similar to online browsing but a different kind of fun.  Actually going and seeing the clothes or other items in person adds a whole new dimension to shopping.  I love walking through the stores and looking at all the new clothes and displays.
I used to do this on my lunch break almost every day.  It helped me plan what to buy (or not buy) with my next check.  Like online browsing it gives you a chance to think about the item. Make a day of it and have fun.  Hey Holly GoLightly did it every morning.  It really does help the shopping itch, and makes you a better shopper.
Knowing you can't buy that "must have right now" item and having to think about it also has saved me from a lot of buying mistakes.

If you're like me you don't consider grocery shopping "real"  shopping.  Its a necessary chore that has to be done.  I am no fan of grocery hopping, but last summer I did discover that it can be used as a shopping fix if done right.  Sine grocery shopping is necessary its justifiable which takes away guilt associated with other shopping. 
So I figured I might as well have fun with it.  Try buying a few items you wouldn't usually buy, not just what you need.  Whether its something healthy or a guilty pleasure, throw it in the cart.  Give into an impulse buy, those chocolate eclairs in the bakery or the pasta salad in the deli go for it.  Buy organic.  It tastes better and its good for you.  It also makes you think about what you're buying and not just go through the motions.  Buy a bouquet of flowers.  Its a quick pick me up and a little splurge just for you.  Makes the trip a little more fun.  And don't forget to throw the latest issue of Vogue, Elle or any other favorite magazine into the cart when you checkout.  Guilty pleasure that gives you something to look forward to later.

Those are just a few ways to get through a shopping break.  What about you?  What do you do when shopping isn't an option and you need a quick fix?  Send me a message and let me know :)

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  1. Love this post. It's what I'm currently going through right now. Gift card do come in handy so that was excellent advice.