Monday, February 10, 2014

After Chriatmas Spree

Hello Lovelies!  Happy Monday! As you all know I've been going through kind of a rough spot both personally and financially.  Fortunately for me, I got a much needed lift when my financial aid came through just in time for the holidays.  I was relieved that not only could I pay my bills but I would also have enough left over for Christmas gifts, necessities and a mini splurge.  Vowing to wait to shop for myself until after Christmas I put myself on a strict budget.
Sooo what does a shopaholic do when the man she's been with for six years suddenly needs a break to focus on school and for years her emotional outlet has been shopping?  Well of course she shops.  I'm proud to say that yes I did shop, but I kept my vow to wait until after Christmas.  It was tough, but manageable.  The way I did it was to remind myself that my urge to shop was just a reaction to an emotional upheaval.  I didn't need to shop I just wanted an escape from pain.  I also reminded myself that the sales would be better after Christmas and I would have gift cards so I could buy more.  It worked remarkably well.  I even held out until New Years Eve to go on my spree.  I know this sounds like such a little thing to most people, but for a diehard shopaholic that reacts to stress with shopping sprees this was a huge step.  I know I've got a long way to go before I could say my habit has been broken, and honesty, I know I'll never completely stop shopping, and wouldn't want to.  But, I can honestly say I am learning patience, and sales resistance.  I'm also learning other ways to deal with stress besides whipping out the credit cards.  So yes I came home with a haul, but I'm proud to say that I had money left over that carried me through the slow season at work.  So now for a new test.  I got my tax refund last week and my hours have picked up at work.  Lets see how long I can hold out this time.....................

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