Friday, October 18, 2013

Vintage Friday--Vogue

Happy Friday everyone!  So glad this week is over.  For this weeks Vintage Friday I decided to look at Vogue then and now.  Vogue is more than a fashion magazine, its a part of the fabric of not only American society, but the world.  When you think of fashion magazines you think Vogue.  One of the assignments for my Humanities class was to choose an object of pop culture for a person cut off from society to find.  This object was supposed to tell the person something about the society we live in.  I chose Vogue.  I not only got an A, but I inspired my Professor to pick up the Fall issue.  So here are some pictures of Vogue then and now.  I hope you enjoy!

Vogue Then:

Vogue Now:

All pictures are from google

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