Sunday, October 13, 2013

Long Time No Blog..

Hello all!  I am so sorry for the long absence.  Going back to work and school full time has made it difficult to keep up with much.  But I'm back and I am going to try to be more active.  So, I went back to work at around the end of August.  Classes started in full force and literally knocked me out.  I had money to spend and the stores by my office were testing my willpower.  After all, I had gone without shopping this long, I could do this right?  Well to my surprise I held out for a week.  The fall fashions and back to school sales, I resisted them all.  Until of course I saw the pink yoga mat on sale.  I know what you're thinking, a yoga mat?  Really?  Well yeah.  I mean I did get into yoga over the summer, and mats aren't cheap so I made do without.  But pink is my favorite color so I justified buying it as a necessity.  Yep, I needed this so it doesn't count.  That's when I realized I haven't really changed, I've just shifted.  I'm still a shopaholic, I just buy different things.  Well I thought so anyway until I saw the white blouse and perfect leggings to go with it.  Again I justified these as a necessity for work.  I mean fall was coming right?  It wasn't that much, and I need fall clothes. 

So, yes things are back to normal.  I am back to my old ways.  Although in my defense I have learned moderation.  I no longer spend my whole check in one trip.  Maybe just half....


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