Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why is Skinny Bashing ok?

Skinny bashing.  We've all seen it.  Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr everywhere.  You know the quotes, "Real men like curves only dogs like bones,"  The picture of Marilyn Monroe, looking a little thick, next to the picture of the thin girl with a caption implying that its wrong to think thin is more attractive than thick.  My question is why is this ok?  Why do people think that saying derogatory things about thin people, especially women is somehow acceptable?  I have been thin my whole life.  I have always had a problem gaining weight or keeping weight on.  This isn't by choice this is my metabolism and just a fact of my life.  The "skinny bashing" started in Junior High and even though I have gained some weight continues to this day.  I've been asked questions like "why are you so skinny?" "do you ever eat?" and even straight out "are you anorexic?" for as long as I can remember.  And this has been from total strangers.  Then theres the comments I love.  "You really should eat more" "You should put some meat on your bones, you know guys don't like skinny girls."  As if I wasn't insecure enough, hearing this on a daily basis did wonders for my self esteem.  This again came from total and virtual strangers.  I always wondered why complete strangers felt they had a right to come to me and state their opinion on how I looked.

 Seriously, would anyone walk up to an overweight girl and tell her to lose weight, ask her why she is so fat and that men don't like fat girls?  NO!!  And they shouldn't.  But they also shouldn't make a point of doing this to thin people either.  As I've gotten older, I've started speaking up.  I've accepted that I'm thin and always will be and that its no one's business anyway.  I've stopped allowing people to affect how I feel about myself.  I've also realized that a lot of these people actually think they are giving me some kind of compliment by pointing out how thin I am.  I don't take it personally anymore.  But the double standard still irritates me.  I agree that there is and always has been this ideal that girls are supposed to live up to.  If we don't look like a Victoria's Secret model, we're somehow inadequate.  But this doesn't just apply to heavier girls, it applies to all girls.  Thinner girls are just as insecure as their heavier counterparts, yet no one seems to think about that when they're making their comments about how much better it is to be "thick."  I don't think body bashing of any kind is justified or right.  But for whatever reason everywhere I look theres a message telling girls that they are not a real woman unless they have some meat on their bones.  How could anyone find a skinny girl attractive?  And this is somehow perfectly acceptable.  It really isn't.  Everyday we hear about bullying, cyber bullying, being sensitive to others etc.  So why is skinny bashing accepted?  Thin people don't have feelings?
I really believe that this needs to stop.  Just as not all heavier people are heavy by choice, and eat non stop not all skinny or thin people are anorexic or starving themselves.  I think if people would just think before they say things or post things, we'd all be better off.
For a man's take on this subject:  Thin Bashing: Its a Thing..

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    1. Thank you!! Been off the blog for awhile sorry it took me so long to reply. I just went to your blog and I love it. Really cute blog and love the content :)