Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shopping is Therapy...

Its been awhile since I've been able to post here.   Every time I think things are slowing down and I'll actually be able to keep up with this life has a way of proving otherwise.  School, work, family emergencies, exes showing up and leaving again and most recently the death of a family friend have thrown my life into a tailspin...again.  So what does a shopaholic do when life gets tough?  Shop of course!  I had sworn to take a break from shopping, telling myself that I really didn't need anything an I could wait.  I kept that vow for about a week before I gave into temptation.  It started small.  A bra and a couple of tee shirts from Victoria' Secret.  I justified this as necessary because I needed new workout clothes and they were on sale.  As things kept piling up there were more justifiable purchases.  From makeup to vitamins to herbal teas, anything to get a shopping fix. Finally I started on clothes.  I justified this as needing Spring clothes.  I also started splurging on my son justifying this as he deserved new things because he had been sick.  When things calmed down I took a step back and thought about my purchases.  Yes, I had bought alot.  But overall they were things that we needed or were good for us.  I also realized that unlike my past stress shopping sprees, I hadn't gone crazy and just grabbed things that I later regretted.  I actually thought about the things I was buying and most of them were needed and will last.  What I realized is that yes, I am a shopaholic.  I also realized that I have learned how to shop smarter.  I also realized that everyone deals with stress differently.  I shop.  It does help me to relax and takes my mind off things for awhile.  No, it doesn't solve anything, but lets face it, meditation, yoga even talk therapy don't actually solve your problems either.  They also make you feel better and get your mind off your problems for awhile.   So, I've decided to stop beating myself up over my stress shopping.  I still do yoga and meditation to relax, but sometimes there is nothing like a little retail therapy to fix what ails you.  So, as long as I continue to shop smart and don't go overboard, shopping is my therapy of choice. 

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